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(no subject)
kate's man
tsaxfreak wrote in macstyles
Hey guys.. so we all have panther right?.. who want 10.4 as much as i do?... *drool*

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gosh, I DO. i want it yesterday. I mean this "first half of 2005" please just at least give me a date already!

i drool over tiger in my sleep sometimes. .... who am I kidding?! I drool over it when I'm awake.

what's your favorite new feature? The insane search feature seems kickass.

Can't wait, I must say. I've already got a few friends together and we're going to split the price and we'll each get one of the codes for it.

i dont'k now if i'm going to get it or not.. but damn do i want it

i agree..

i want it yesterday! :/

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