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New Community for MacStyles
mrjiggs wrote in macstyles
Thanks again to all of the interest that everyone is showing. I started a LJ community for MacStyles.


I created it for 3 reasons:

-So I can keep track of all the suggestions and comments and start to offer what you want.

-So I can easily get in touch with a mass of people when I have updates or news.

-So you can post and share your pictures and experiences with your MaStyle.

one more thing.... you asked for pink.... you got it. The sight is now updated with a pink choice. Ask and you shall receive!

join. join. join.


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This might be a silly question, but since the center cutout is a hole (to allow for the fact that the Apple logo isn't completely flush, among other things), does that mean that on the rest of the designs the details are also cutouts, or is it clear vinyl and the color is simply not printed there?

When you say to smooth the alcohol out from under the vinyl... we're not talking about a LOT of rubbing alcohol, I'd also imagine that the bulk of it would evaporate (you wouldn't have to go chasing it up with a rag to prevent damage of the Powerbook or whatnot)... right?

By chance do you have any samples on a Powerbook rather than an iBook?

=) I love the idea.

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