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mrjiggs wrote in macstyles
Knock yourselves out! MacStyles is back online!


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Has anyone been able to sucessfully order from the payment area yet? I spent about 15 minutes and 7 tries trying to get my payment to go through using both options, since I have a credit card and a paypal account. When I tried to use my credit card, it would take me through to the last step and then say that 'my session has timed out and I will have to enter in all of my information again to complete the order.' This would be fine if it didn't happen 4 times in a row. When I tried to use the paypal option, it takes me to a screen for payment, and then when I enter in all of my information, it takes me into a page that says that I must be logged in to perform that transaction, and that the web page has expired. This has happened to me 3 times this morning.

I just want to order... and I know it's not my information =-(

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