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mrjiggs wrote in macstyles
Knock yourselves out! MacStyles is back online!


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Has anyone been able to sucessfully order from the payment area yet? I spent about 15 minutes and 7 tries trying to get my payment to go through using both options, since I have a credit card and a paypal account. When I tried to use my credit card, it would take me through to the last step and then say that 'my session has timed out and I will have to enter in all of my information again to complete the order.' This would be fine if it didn't happen 4 times in a row. When I tried to use the paypal option, it takes me to a screen for payment, and then when I enter in all of my information, it takes me into a page that says that I must be logged in to perform that transaction, and that the web page has expired. This has happened to me 3 times this morning.

I just want to order... and I know it's not my information =-(

when you get to the paypal page you should just have to login at the bottom that says "If you already have a PayPal account, enter your log-in details below" Let me know if you don't see this and I'll try to send you a direct link. I have received other orders, so I know the page is working. IM me if you need to- AIM- macstylesdotcom

p.s. LOVE the icon.

I got past the login page and then to the 'pay' page and when I press page it tells me that I have to be logged in to do that and that my session has timed out... yadda yadda. I hate PCs, etc., etc., etc.

Is there any other way that I can do this? Should I just wait until I get back home to my Lappy?

The only thing i can think is to send you a link directly to paypal, but I'm pretty sure it'll do the same thing. you might want to just wait to get off the evil pc. ;)

Will do- SO excited for your business! I wish you happiness and prosperity on this venture... Soon, My Lappy will be turning heads in Denver =-)

o0o0o0 the new designs are awesome!!
Hopefully i can order mine soon... i want busted in pink, but i want maccent's aswell. *excited*

cha ching!!!

I'll be ordering mine sometime this week!

thanks for bringing them back

I am stuck! I want the lime green real bad. ...I just can't decide on a picture! I keep thinking I want it to be custom but meep! ...full time school and full time work have drained me of all creativity.

Love love love what you've come up with though. Haven't even gotten my new iBook yet and I'm jonesin' for a sticky.

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